Mini Dragon Boat

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These scale model dragon boats were designed by physically scanning a full scale dragon boat into a CAD software system. This level of detail allowed us to create brilliant reproductions of a standard Hong Kong style boat. Each boat is hand painted to bring out the brilliance that is a colorful dragon boat. The detail of the dragon head and tail are superb and could only be accomplished with the unique scanning system we employed. The boats can be produced on a mass scale using an injection mold system crafted from the 3D CAD design. Made from a safe non toxic plastic, these boats are well balanced and float just like the real thing. These mini dragon boats are a great gift for a casual dragon boater or a serious national competitor. They look great in a trophy case, sitting on the mantle in the living room, or on the shelf in your office, where you can use it to help explain what dragon boating is to your co-workers, family or friends!
  • Fully assembled and painted to your color of choice, with dragon scale decals on both sides.
  • Decals are very similar to the dragon scales seen on most dragon boats. Goes the full length of each side of the boat.
  • Boats are 20 inches in length from head to tail and about 1.5 inches in width.