Chinook Diablo

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Same Chinook quality and options. Best workmanship and materials. Maximum carbon content. Tried, true and tested

2017 is the year Chinook is BACK TO BASICS. Focusing on our range of CARBON competition paddles for Dragon Boat Racing, we have improved quality and perfected our shipping model which gets you your small orders in no time flat.

Taking the DB community by storm in 2005, Chinook burst on the scene with a reliable and light competition paddle for under $150 (the Chinook Diablo). Now we have achieved the scope and scale and efficiency, using only the best materials and workmanship, hand-crafting Chinook Diablos under professional supervision in workshops in China, we can afford to put the time into development and production to make sure you are getting what you need in a high-end paddle, without the high-end pricetag. Try a Chinook today, and feel the performance increase - a joy to use, an asset to exploit to advantage in training, competition or simply for the durability factor and confidence in your equipment.

The Chinook Diablo comes with a palm grip. A t-grip is available upon request.