Chinook Sundowner

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Colourful cutting edge competition Carbon Paddles made in the World's Best Dragonboat paddle Workshop at certainly the best value pricepoint on the globe!

The Chinook Sundowner is the culmination of 10 years of batch processing, using the best technology and materials available to produce the world's finest one-piece carbon paddle. So fine. Available in all lengths, fully and totally one piece construction (no glue at the blade) the newest Chinook is among the stiffest and lightest paddles on the market. Super-durable, and eminently attractive, the Chinook Sundowner IDBF 202A licensed dragonboat paddle is guaranteed not only to provide the best value in a new racing paddle for serious dragonboaters, but also to enhance your performance on the water. Guaranteed, too, of course against defects in materials and workmanship, during normal use... on the water.

The Chinook Sundowner is a true 1 piece carbon DB racing paddle that weighs in under 400g (for the 125cm (49") paddle) and uses best quality carbon fibre, epoxy and core materials, incorporating the best we know about construction, design and raw materials management. We have been hand crafting these Sundowners in small batches, under careful company supervision, for 10 years now at the same factory in China (they have come a long way too!) under the same name all over the world, and the result of this investment in know-how, in supplier relationship management, and in incremental process and product improvement is a solid no-nonsense paddle which has all the performance features of some of the most expensive carbon paddles on the market. Comes IDBF approved and licensed.