Cox Box Wiring Kit

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Wiring Harness
3 Speakers

Wiring Harness and Reel, Standard Dragon Boat

Wire is single piece with connector plugs for three speakers and connector receptacles for a Cox Box Mini at either end. Can be used for speaker placement at seats 2, 5 and 8 or 3, 6 and 9 with plenty of slack on either end for the drummer or helmsman to plug in. Reel keeps harness organized and makes dispensing/retracting harness a snap when practicing and racing. 

Loudspeaker - Dragon Boat

Includes installed bracket for strap or suction cup attachment. With Suction cups, speakers attach directly to center seat post and hold firm on most newer dragon boats. For older boats or those without center seat supports, a cam buckle strap will secure the speaker to the seat. Suction cup and strap included with each speaker. Replacement suction cups and straps can be purchased separately. Three speakers needed for a standard Dragon Boat.


*Individual replacement parts available